ESL Education

Corporate/Charitable Partnerships


    We are committed to promoting and collecting donations for UNICEF’s project in Malawi. As well as fundraising within our own organization, we offer our students the chance to contribute to UNICEF’s school building and teacher sponsorship programme when paying for a course with ESL.

  • Association Suisse des cadres

    Founded in 1893, this non-profit organization has 12,000 members in Switzerland. It supports its members in their job search and introduces them to a wide network of relationships.

  • myClimate

    We invite our students to compensate their greenhouse gas emissions through myClimate. Options include the implementation of wind power in New Zealand or solar panels in Costa Rica.

  • CNED

    CNED is a public institution of France’s Ministries of National Education, Higher Education and Research. Training more than 250,000 members each year in France and abroad, it offers nearly 3,000 training modules along with services. ESL is recommended by the National Centre for Distance Learning (CNED).


    Present in 125 countries and territories and with over 86,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-led organisation.

  • Fundación Belcorp

    This Colombian foundation works for the empowerment of women through education. Collecting money to contribute towards university grants, Fundación Belcorp supports young women with academic potential but limited financial means.

  • Project Mali

    We sponsor a school in Timbuktu, Mali, sharing our resources and logistical experience. In one of the world’s most remote locations, it is a challenge to get essential supplies through to the classrooms. Our support for the school includes classroom resources such as desks, chairs, pens, books and learning materials for the children.

  • Uniting People

    ESL Education is a founding sponsor of Uniting People, a not-for-profit humanitarian platform allowing worthwhile causes to find donors. 100% of donations go directly to the good causes. Among the numerous causes helped so far are health and education causes in Malawi, Nepal, India, Bolivia, the Philippines and Haiti.

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